Foil Art
The Flower Outlet

Foil Art is a concept which combines the car styling products, primarily based on all kinds of wrapping and tinting films in order to provide the optimum luxurious experience.

The Flower Outlet is a wholesale establishment that sells spectacular ornamental plants in parallel with a wide range of the latest floral design trends to enrich your occasion by adding a sense of happiness and joy.

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Mercasphere is a convenience store offering a unique variety of consumable products through their different store locations (Salmiya, Shuwaikh, Eqaila). They also have an electronic presence serving their customers through carriage.

Ghaseel Application
Ghaseel Application

Ghaseel Application is the first carwash application in Kuwait. Since establishment GHASEEL has been leading the market with a growing portfolio of carwash companies  seeking larger exposure via internet. 

Clean Care

Clean Care was established in 2014 with a mission of providing elite cleaning services in Kuwait. Their service portfolio consists of different branches focusing on different cleaning verticals like; home, car, boat, and office cleaning services.


Quadra Stores
Quadra Store

Quadra Store is the most prestigious Gaming Store in Kuwait, delivers the best gaming experience by providing top-end Technology the gaming industry has to offer.

Lily Fleur
Lily Fleur 
Tasyorah Cheesecake
Tasyorah Cheesecake

Lily Fleur provides a selection of fresh cut flowers and foliages as well as some exotic flowers.  As a leading flower company, Lily Fleur, worked with several Organizations in Public Sector along with Private Sector. 

Tasyorah Cheesecake started as a home business, that met international standard level. Then moved on to opening a leading bakery, that crossed the lands and oceans of the world until it landed in the 2nd largest city in the United States, Chicago and Los Angeles! They deliver one of our most famous products, The Fustoqella Pistachio Sauce all over the Middle East, The U.S. and many different parts of the world.

Duka Boy
Mama's Bakery

Duka Boy is a restaurant located in Kuwait, serving a selection of Juices that delivers across Kuwait. They provide variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Ice Cream, Deserts and Juice Boxes.


Mama's Bakery is  one of the best bakery shops located in Kuwait. They provide high quality and fresh pastries out of the oven. They are serving different areas across Kuwait.    

Abjad Perfumes
Trampoline Park

Abjad Perfumes is a perfume boutique located in The Gate Mall and Marina Mall. They provide unique scents with an Arabian touch. You can also order there perfumes from their website.

Trampoline Park is located at Boulevard Mall in Salmiya. They provide enjoyable open space for children and parents. Their concept evolves around an active place for fun with friends and family.


Nutreeze is a meal subscription that specializes in healthy and clean food. They offer their subscription via online. 

Overlay is a Abaya boutique known for its creative designs and rich material. You can find them on Boutiqaat and local exhibitions. 

Flint Athletic
Dante Cafe & More

Flint is an academy that motivates children & teens on the importance of working out and being fit. The academy is located in AlBida, Kuwait.

Dante Cafe is Known for their delicious food and yummy desserts. They have 3 branches that are location in Sulaiyel Mall, Jahra Mall and The Avenus Mall. 

Coffee Maze

Coffee Maze is a well known coffee roastery in Kuwait. They offer both wholesale and retail options. Coffee Maze provides high quality coffee beans and are official partners with Slayer, Kuwait's exclusive distributor. They are located in Sharq, Kuwait

Istekanti is a local glassware company established in 2015. The company produces their own design and delivers the highest quality products to their customers. What makes Istekanti different from other companies is that they add a unique Kuwaiti twist to their products.

Lightness Gym

Lightness Gym is a women's gym located in Abu Halifa. The gym provides the best coaches,  latest equipment and an amazing view of the beach.  


Bello is a restaurant located in Gate Mall, Kuwait. They are known for their delicious  food and fun atmosphere. You can also order through Talabat, Deliveroo, Carriage, Craves and Makan.

Malmo Burger
Brick Design

Malmo Burger is located in Al Aridya. They are known for offering the best quality of burgers and fresh fries. You can try Malmo Burger's delicious menu through Carriage & Talabat

Bricks is a brand design firm that focuses on building brand identities. They are known for their creativity and quality of work. Bricks are located in Awtad Tower, Kuwait City. 

Tailor Express
The Pottery

Tailor Express is not your typical tailor shop. They are known for creating and fixing any type of clothing & deliever it to your place. They have two branches, Bayan & Al Awqaf. 

The pottery is an Arab cuisine with a modern twist. Their food packaging is what makes them unique. You can find the resturant in Fahaheel. 

Spartan Kuwait
Al Fares Dental Center

Spartan Kuwait is a fitness center that offers facilities and classes to men, women and kids. They offer three levels of classes, beginners, intermediate & spartan. The gym is located in Kuwait City. 

Al Fares Dental Clinic is located in Fahaheel. The dental center is supervised by Dr. Huda Al Fares. 

Vitamin Kood
Finger Sushi

Vitamin Kood offers healthy food and beverages across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Emirates.

You can order Finger Sushi from Talabat, Carriage & Deliveroo. Finger Sushi is known for their delicious dishes at exceptional prices. 


You can enjoy fresh vegetables & fruits from your local farm, Nabati. You can order through their wesbite

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