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Business Center

What is the business center?

The business center is a quiet and prestigious workplace for entrepreneurs. They can enjoy exclusive access to a range of utilities and amenities. All are conveniently accessed through the pass provided at our front desk.

Data Technology

Why is it a desirable workplace?

The Holistic Business Center offers a comprehensive suite of services that entrepreneurs can leverage to streamline their efforts towards their dedicated goals.

What do we offer?

The Holistic Business Center offers a diverse selection of office spaces with inclusive packages, each meticulously designed to satisfy entrepreneurs’ needs. 


Al-Asimah Governorate in Kuwait, Sharq Area in Kuwait City, Al-Hamra Business tower, 16th Floor, Office C


Al Hamra Tower boasts a robust security infrastructure that ensures the safety and well-being of visitors, employees, and business owners.

Valet Parking and Parking Lot

Al Hamra Tower offers a vast and well-appointed parking lot /facility within its premises, catering to the parking needs of both employees and visitors, including a dedicated building for business owners.

Also, a Valet parking service is offered to elevate the experience for VIP visitors and business owners.



Licensed Offices


Dedicated Offices


Dedicated Desks

  Training & Development 




Training Programs


Holistic Community

Support Functions


Financial Advisory & Bookkeeping



Marketing & Operational Advisory


IT & HR Advisory


Utilities & Amenities

  1. Free WIFI

  2. Cleaning Service

  3. Admin Assistant 

  4. Meeting Rooms

  5. 24/7 Access

  6. Coffee Shop

  7. Security Access 

  8. Podcast Studio

Cup of Coffee

Holistic Mart

The Holistic Business Center offers an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and members to enhance their focus and relaxation. As part of this center, the Holistic Coffee Shop offers a wide variety of food and beverages to cater to the diverse tastes of its members and visitors. Particularly for the convenience of employees at Al-Hamra Business Tower, Holistic has developed an online platform to facilitate online deliveries and pickups.

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