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Abdulrahman AlDuaij - CQF, MBA

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Abdulrahman AlDuaij
CQF, MBA, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

With a robust experience in Risk Management of banking sector, Abdulrahman Al Duaij, has a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Magna Cum Laude, and a BA in Finance, Cum Laude. He also earned the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) which is a Financial Engineering program and a finance designation offered by the CQF Institute.


His experience is related to Quantitative Analytic, covering the capital planning, stress testing, efficiency assessments, business evaluation, asset quality and risk appetite statements.


In 2017, Abdulrahman was appointed as Mansion House Scholar by the Lord Mayor of London City to continue his higher education in the United Kingdom. The Mansion House Scholarship is one of the world prestigious scholarship given to highest performers around the world. Using the acquired knowledge and skills he was able to further his education and practical application by undertaking and receiving the CQF. 

Abdulrahman is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HD Consulting. He is utilizing his experience by providing various consultancy services through HD Consulting to medium/small businesses and startups. 

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Abdulaziz AlHouqal - FRM

Abdulaziz AlHouqal
FRM, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

As a Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Abdulaziz has extensive experience in the Risk Management domain. He has solid experience in Risk Management of Banking Sector.


He is mainly experienced in Quantitative Analytics and Enterprise Risk Management. He holds a BA in Finance and he is one of the very few who holds the FRM in this region. 

Abdulaziz was involved in many large projects over his experience in the Banking Sector. He is an expert in Capital Optimization, Capital Planning, and Business Forecasting.

Currently, Abdulaziz is using his technical experience in providing Consultancy Services through HD Consulting. He is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

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