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The Start of Holistic Development & Consulting

Holistic Development & Consulting is a success story that emerged from the banking sector to tackle risk management needs in the market.

The two founders worked for almost ten years at Kuwait Finance House in the risk management consulting sector where they specialized in quantitative risk. The banking experience helped them gain the required tools to open their own risk management firm called Holistic Development & Consulting.

The importance of Holistic is to provide institutions and companies with solutions for decision making that helps them minimize risk, improve performance, and withstand any market impacts.

The two founders took it upon themselves to provide diverse expertise through building a team of professionals in each field.

Abdulrahman Al-Duaij obtained a certificate in Quantitative Finance – CQF from Fitch Learning , and an MBA degree. While Abdulaziz Al-Houqal obtained a Financial Risk Manager certificate – FRM from GARP Institution.

The ambition that the founders had was fueled by the goal to enhance the Kuwaiti market’s experience and exposure to risk management.

The success of Holistic lead to an exclusive partnership with Prometeia, which is ranked among the top 10 in the Risk Tech 100 ranking companies worldwide. Prometeia provides risk management solutions to over 400 clients from within the banking and investment sector, with services that include consulting, credit risk, market risk, liquidity, and modeling.


Holistic’s solutions provide business with flexible business models, digital transformations, advisory support, and consultations to improve their business performance.

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