HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT & CONSULTING is made up of experiences, challenges, ideas, sacrifices and progress. The story of HOLISTIC began in 2016 with two Managing Partners, Abdulrahman Al- Duaij and Abdulaziz Al-Houqal. The Managing Partners both have a strong banking background in Risk Management where they worked in Kuwait Finance House around 10 years as Risk Managers.

The high demand of National experts in risk management domain had led them to establish a company specialized in Risk Management. They have catered the solutions and services of HOLISTIC around Risk Management concept which revolves around all Financial and Non Financial Risks. 


In order to manage different types of risks, the managing partners had developed all the possible human factors within HOLISTIC team which ended up with experts in Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Management, Research & development, and Financial engineering. 

HOLISTIC is a terminology that represents enterprise processes and solutions that advances in parallel with the concept of Enterprise Risk Management, the consolidated concepts of managing corporate/organizations risks on group level. 

Businesses in Kuwait started blooming and the market had a gap that needed to be fulfilled in terms of important role of Risk Managements in businesses. With a course of time both Managing Partners enables HOLISTIC to fill the gap in the market and Holistic Development & Consulting was eventually established. 

The Risk Management Department in HOLISTIC is our essential elements. Due to the Managing Partners expertise, the company can succeed in providing the following activities found in Risk Management.

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