Our experts will help you to align your employees within your organization. For instance, some organizations function best when the organizational structure is “flat,” (another way of saying that most employees are equal to one another,) while others function better in a more hierarchical structure. Other ways of aligning personnel include awarding stock options and other benefits.


Well framed job descriptions are useful both for attracting the best employees and for situating them most advantageously at a micro level when they join the organization. There are numerous considerations, for instance, when deciding which employees interface with clients and which ones handle sensitive information.


For various reasons, it often makes sense to outsource the acquisition of employees. Although we have access to the most exhaustive databases, we often interview candidates ourselves to assess qualities that don’t appear on paper or on computer screens.


There is a wide variety of variables that enter into the calculations concerning the ideal compensation. We follow trade surveys and studies, but ultimately, we arrive at our own conclusions concerning the proper mix of, say, cash, benefits, and stock options for each employee’s ideal compensation.


Both expansion and downsizing can be long protracted processes, requiring various kinds of expertise. Short term employees, for instance, expect little in the way of severance, while longer term employees usually require longer notice and compensation. We also retain top legal professionals to iron out any other complex issues that may be beyond our capabilities.